Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Taggiasca Cultivar - Must

Bottle, 0.250 lt

The peculiarity of the Taggiasco oil lies in its lightness, due to its low acidity, and in its fruity and particularly sweet flavour, obtained from the harvesting of selected olives, cold-pressed in the company's own oil mill with traditional millstones.

The bad conditions of conservation of the oil affect the quality. For example, direct or diffused sunlight accelerates oxidation, so it is better to store your stock in a dark place. The most relevant alteration is oxidation, i.e. rancidity. The main factors that favour this alteration are oxygen, light, frost and some metals in contact with the product.
The temperature of 10/20 degrees is considered ideal for storage. Used containers are not accepted back because they are considered unsuitable to be reused.

For the purchase of glass bottles of extra virgin olive oil we recommend the purchase of the Box for 6 bottles of oil to avoid breakage during shipment.

We are not responsible for broken bottles during shipment if you do not use the specific box for shipping.